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Formloupe: Explorations into Tangible AR

Formloupe is an augmented reality (AR) experience, situated in furniture retail stores, allowing users to customise and design furniture and rooms. It is the culmination of a master's thesis research project by Ajla Ćano and Daniel Roeven.

AR is a relatively new medium, and new interaction patterns are being still being discovered and created. Questions and topics central to this research project are:

  1. What can we learn from the wealth of existing research on interaction styles when creating new interaction patterns and models that suit AR?
  2. What interaction opportunities can this new medium offer that touchscreen interaction can't?
  3. How can we use this new medium to advance existing interaction styles and overcome their limitations?

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ShowMe Assist

As video calls become ubiquitous, new interactions are created. A video call creates a dynamic and temporary "shared space", a virtual room that comprises of not only the participant's screens, but also their physical environments. While many services allow the user to guard off other participants' access to their physical environment (replace or blur the background, filter out noise), sometimes the purpose of these calls is referring to the physical environment itself, and showing it to somebody who is not physically there.

ShowMe Assist is created for such a scenario. Example: ringing a handy family member to diagnose and fix a problem with your car. Here, traditional screen-to-screen solutions present some barriers. The video call …

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